Copyright & Intellectual Property Designs


Cioch Limited trading as Classicfabs give notice that all photographs, drawings, designs, whether on our website or in some other domain and showing our parts used since 2007 remain the property and copyright of Cioch Ltd.

This includes but not limited to copies of:

  • Our E-Type silencer system, our Jaguar MK11 / XJ6 Manifolds, E-Type silencer, resonator and XK mounting systems,

  • Our long and short manifold systems including internal welding process and

  • Our E-Type and XK Long and Short manifold designs and our E-Type collector system.

The information contained on our web site is the sole property of CIOCH Ltd. and any reproduction, use or disclosure whether in part or in whole without the written permission of Cioch Ltd. is strictly prohibited.

Failure to adhere to this notice will result in legal action against those in breach of this notice.