2019 Summer News

2019 has seen Classicfabs maintain its position as the number one supplier of the highest quality Exhaust Manifolds and systems for E-Types, XKs, Mk2 etc worldwide from the feedback we get from customers and restorers.

As a company whom only manufacture systems for Classic Jaguars it is imperative to us that we maintain the quality we are known for to maintain the small specialist workforce we have.

One of our biggest success’s this year has been the amount of orders we have received for our E-Type series three V12 system. This system is proving more and more popular as it is a complete re-design of the standard OEM system and what other manufacturers offer.

It gives the V12 a much better sound along with increased torque and H.P.

We have also been working with a U.S. customer to develop an ‘Equal Length’ primary pipe manifold for series 1 and 2 E-Types that fits ‘inside the frame’ and torsion bar. The length of this has been engineered to a specific length by the customer for his XK engine application. Contact Classicfabs for more information.

Our latest offering to compliment the parts we offer will be our own ‘repackable’ silencers for XKs that are used for trackdays or racing that have defined DB levels. These have a different internal design from our standard silencers and will be available late summer.

We would also like to mention our associates in Australia, Concours Sportscar Restorations whom stock various systems for E-Type’s 1 & 2 series three V12. They can be contacted at www.concourssportscar.com

Classicfabs will also be hosting the XK Club Round Britain charity drive in September. This is a great event organised by the Jaguar XK Club with all proceeds going to the Prostate cancer charity.

James Stewart