Are you an E-Type series 3 owner who wants your V12 to sound like a V12?


Following over a year of design and development Classicfabs now have in place our ‘unique’ complete four pipe exhaust system to connect to your existing Cast Manifolds with the option of either a four pipe tail pipe or adaptors to take your four piece Fantail.

To compliment the above four pipe system Classicfabs have now developed their own design of Tubular Branch Manifolds.

These systems have been developed due to many owners of Series 3 asking us to ‘Change the Sound’ of their V12 to make it sound ‘like a V12’. Through our combination of internal design of the silencers combined with our resonators and the feedback from customers we have a system that has a great sound but is not overpowering in the car and gives enhanced performance. (The air / fuel mixture has to be adjusted following fitting of these systems).