When considering fitting a new Manifold or Exhaust to your Jaguar as well as considering cost you need to know:

  1. What you are getting in both quality and performance for your money.

  2. Will the manifold you are considering actually be beneficial to the overall performance of your engine.

To read two articles written by Jimmy of Classicfabs for the XK Magazine use the links below.

Classicfabs has the name for quality in both design and fabrication for the following reasons below.

Material & Fabrication

  1. We use only 304 stainless steel in all our systems.

  2. All our silencers and resonators use 1.5mm wall thickness stainless which helps prevent resonation. (Some suppliers use as thin as 0.9mm wall thickness).

  3. We only use Manual T.I.G. welding process. (No M.I.G Welding) T.I.G welding gives a stronger and neater weld finish.

  4. Our welds are cleaned using a ‘chemical process’

  5. All our components are individually made on each components ‘Jig’. No ‘mass production’

  6. All components are laser cut.


For any new design of system or revisions Classicfabs uses the latest in CAD and 3D software along with Bendtech header design software.