E-Type Long Manifold and Exhaust Systems


Classicfabs manufacture the ultimate in mirror finished stainless steel six branch manifolds. “To vastly improve the performance and appearance of your E-type.”

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Technical Features

  • Increases mid-range torque and horsepower

  • Minimum primary length 28″

  • 304 x 1.2mm W.T. stainless steel

  • All T.I.G. welding done using B.O.C. ‘Stainshield’ and pure Argon purge gasses, to give a higher quality, smooth, clean, defect free weld finish.

  • Machine flared ports for optimal gas flow

  • 1-piece collector

  • CNC full mandrel bent tubing

  • Fits 3.8 dynamo cars

  • Fits with no modification to standard

  • Link pipes supplied to suit standard or 2″ big bore silencer

  • Replaces existing system between head and middle silencer

Performance improvements

The long exhaust manifold is best suited to fast road engines such as those with big valve inlets, Weber carburettors, mid porting and wider cams, producing around 250 – 260 bhp compared with the standard engine’s 210 – 220 bhp.

An increase in power of around 5 to 10% can be achieved in the mid range (2500 – 3500 rpm), which gives the engine a stronger torque curve.

Visual Appearance

  • Bright polished full length of primaries

  • Ripple free, full bore bends

  • No visual welding at ports

Fitting the manifold

No modifications are required to fit the long manifold but when fitting, access is required to the underside of the car. There is no loss of ground clearance with these systems.

If the manifold is fitted to 3.8L cars with a dynamo, a heatshield is recommended. This can be supplied in the fitting kit as required.

System Package

  • All tubing bright polished as standard

  • Primary pipes and Resonators ‘Additionally Bright Polished.

  • Alternator or Dynamo heat shield supplied as standard.

  • St Steel dipstick bracket supplied as standard.

  • All mountings supplied as standard.

  • All top quality exhaust clamps supplied as standard.

  • Good quality packaging of system.

For more details, availability and costs please contact us.