E-Type Sports Manifolds & Systems


Classicfabs 41″ Long Primary Pipe manifold and 2.1/4″ exhaust system for E-Type Sports Cars.

These new systems have been race proven at Silverstone this year, giving increased torque, and an estimated 30hp over the F.I.A. short manifolds.

From manifold to collector, all one piece mandrel bent tubing for maximum unrestricted gas flow.

From collector through the rest of the system in 2.25″ tubing.

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Classicfabs FIA System

Classicfabs design of FIA Manifold has been mathematically calculated and engineered using 3D analysis to give the best flow possible through the constraints of the FIA manifold specification.
The results are a manifold that has been fabricated using a five (5) axis laser, which means the parts when assembled give the perfect set up to achieve ‘full penetration welding’ which coupled with internal gas purging gives the best flow possible through a smooth internal bore.
The below photos show the laser cut assemblies prior to welding, and the finished product.
For the best quality and performance in FIA Manifolds and systems Classicfabs engineered Manifolds are the only choice.