XK Twin Pipe ‘Through the Chassis’ system


Classicfabs now have an innovative system to enhance the performance of your L.H.D. / R.H.D XK120SE.

We now have a variation of our Short Manifold with twin pipes all the way including through the cross-member into a ‘Twin Inlet / Outlet’ silencer with twin tail pipes at the rear.

We are able to do this with the minimum of bends at the Manifold due to an innovative design from our Manifold Collector system to avoid the brake cylinder on the L.H.D. 120. This uses Mandrel bent tube without the need for additional welding of ‘Fabricated Bends’ with all the additional welding that that entails.

This system will greatly enhance the performance of your 120 engine.

We can also supply this system to connect to your cast manifold if you want to retain them.

For more details, availability and costs please contact us.